Offshore Powerboat   Circuit Racing  

A Classless Society ?

Almost ! You're definitely All Welcome !

PowerBoats are split into Categories that reflect their Engine Size, Length, Speed, Etc


OCRDA currently represents Classes: Formuma Sport, Class 1, 2, 3 and 4

That being said - We are a welcoming bunch so whatever style and class of Powerboat you own we are keen to hear from you and include you in the flourishing OCRDA UK Racing scene

Join Us !

You'll need a Boat, a Licence, a Strong Constitution and Nerves of Steel !

None of this would happen of course without our awesome volunteers and staff that dedicate their time and lives to making all this happen and supplying their time, skills, safety boats, equipment, etc

If you would like to get involved - we are always looking for new reliable help - simply head to the contact page and drop us an email

Our solid experience in the field and long list of previous seasons' racing demonstrate our reliability as a professional organisation. By choosing OCRDA, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication, passion and availability throughout your year's racing. You can be sure that together we will steer the future of the sport in the right direction.

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